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House Design -european standards

Our design reaches clients all over the world. Thanks to our rich experience gained locally while working for customers in Poland on provision of a cutting-edge design of residential properties, we are able to expand our offering to clients abroad. Our studio offers remote architectural design for clients based on the guidelines provided by our clients.

How to work with us?

  • Our office operates in English. Contact us via e-mail., provide description of a residential property that you wish us to design. Attach or indicate all documents at your disposal that are related to the project.
  • We will provide you back with details whether documentation is sufficient to start the project. Please remember, all documents should be in English.
  • We will define the financial conditions and the date of implementation. A contract between the studio and a client will be signed remotely.
  • Now we can start working on your house. Our results will be sent to you for your approval. This includes plans, elevations, sections, visualizations etc.
  • Depending on the chosen form of cooperation, we apply changes to the project & adapt project to your needs;
  • when final approval provided for the conceptual materials, we refine the work to the form of a conceptual design.
  • with the conceptual design we have developed, you can go to any local designer, if they are required in your country. Then, you can apply for another required approvals & construction permit.

How long does the project take?

It usually takes about 2 weeks from the start of work on the project to be able to provide our clients with first materials (projections, visualizations). This time may vary depending on the complexity of the object designed.  Any further changes to the concept we aim to include as soon as possible, so that within the next 2 weeks we can provide client with a fully agreed project.

If we work design of a house and interior at the same time, this deadline will be extended.

Conceptual design of the house – what is included?

The scope of the project may vary; however, the basic form of project provided are usually:

  • architectural plans of all stories of the building (floors) with dimensions provided in cm.
  • cross-sections in specific parts of the building, at least 2 pcs
  • visualization of the designed object from the outside

The cost of pricing proposal?

Pricing proposal of the project provided to the client is free of cost. We aim to provide all client with our pricing within one week. Please remember that each individual project is different & has a different degree of complexity. Thus, there is a different number of factors affecting the shape of work for designing a house, its form, room layout, etc.

Interior Design

Here you can order an interior design of your house. If you wish, we can work to provide you with a design of an entire house with its interior which is the easiest way to create a perfect correlation between the interior and the building. Both projects are always carried out by one studio.

How to work with us?

  • Send us an inquiry in English to the address:
  • describe exactly what elements / rooms are to be designed, include as much project-related documentation as possible; this is: projections, sections, elevations (house design) and all references that you find to inspire your interior design (i.e. what you like in the interior). This will become the reference point for our future work.
  • in response to your email, we will provide you with a pricing proposal including the cost of the project and possible completion date as well as the scope of work.
  • Next, we will send you a project requirements survey, design elements will be described as well. These elements will become our design guideline.

Interior Design Project – what is included?

We are able to develop online of an interior design up to the conceptual stage. The detailed design and author’s supervision require our visit to the construction site / due to the distance between the studio and client’s location, this might be difficult.

In a standard conceptual design, you can expect:

    • a projection of rooms with the arrangement of individual elements with their dimensions
    • an arrangement of any light sources / lighting; this will be provided in a form of a diagram
    • a room visualization showing each of the walls of the interior.
    • a short description of any finishing elements used in the interior design project.

      Due to the distance and variety of finishing materials available in different countries, we cannot always rely on specific elements used in the project. We will propose such elements that can match your space with other elements. Equivalents of such elements will certainly be found in your location. Thanks to the use of high-quality visualization, elements of the decor can be easily identified on the basis of the visualization.

How long does Interior Design take?

Depending on the scope of work, the number of rooms and their complexity, the time needed to complete the project may vary significantly.

The very first conceptual visualizations showing the interior can be obtained just after 2 weeks from the start of the project (this is, after the questionnaire has been sent back to the studio).

The later stages, depending on the number of changes to the project, may take several weeks.

About Us

Machoń Architekci is a design studio located in Poland (Central Europe). Thanks to our large experience and the quality of our projects, we have been widely recognized around the country.

As the number of inquiries from all around Europe is constantly growing, we have decided to develop the main principles for a remote cooperation with clients from all over the world. We hope that this page will be helpful for any clients interested to get in touch with us.

Our History:

Machoń Architects studio was founded by two brothers: Tomasz Machoń and Jan Machoń in 2010. They both graduated from Architecture and Urban Planning at the Krakow University of Technology. Designing cubature objects like residential houses, service buildings or small estates lie in the centre of day-to-day projects that studio delivers for clients in Poland. From the very beginning, a building design was accompanied by interior and garden design. All of objects designed in Machoń Architects studio are complete & well-thought-out. Our goal is to design the space that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing . By presenting projects in the form of photorealistic visualizations, clients are allowed to easily assess whether projects meet all their requirements. It was with this initiative that Machoń Architects decided to go a little further… and offer the same to clients abroad.

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